Four vignettes about strong women, separated only by time, space and circumstances. All Mary's are inspired by actual historical figures.



Mary Ormond, North Carolina, 1718.
Mary is aboard the pirate ship of Blackbeard.

Mary Kelly, London, 1888.
Mary must walk the streets at night of Whitechapel.

Mary Bump, Michigan, 1908.
Mary and Ernest row to an abandoned island for a picnic at twilight.

Mary Scarpa, New York, 2008.
Mary Scarpa is in police custody, accused of being a pickpocket.

Story and Art by GUIDO VROLIX
Paperback: 40 pages ( series of 5 )
7" x 10" ( 17,78 x 25,4cm )

FOR MARY 1, Guido Vrolix
FOR MARY 2, Guido Vrolix
FOR MARY 3, Guido Vrolix
FOR MARY 4, Guido Vrolix